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New York City Trial Error Lawsuit Lawyer

When Trial Errors Bring About the Demise of Your Claim

If your lawyer made trial errors that caused you to lose a case you would otherwise likely have won, you may be entitled to bring a legal malpractice lawsuit. A legal malpractice case can be complex, however, because it is a "case within a case" — it depends upon the issues underlying the original case as well as the question of whether legal misconduct or negligence affected the outcome of that case.

At the Law Offices of Sherwood Allen Salvan, we understand how to build and bring a successful legal malpractice claim. We are ready and able to fight for your rights. To discuss your situation, contact us and schedule a consultation.

Holding attorneys accountable for trial errors

The consequences of an attorney making substantial trial errors could be a complete denial of justice for the client. You deserve representation that presents your legal claim in the best possible light. Attorney Sherwood Allen Salvan has more than 40 years of experiencing helping clients fight for compensation from attorneys who have been negligent in their legal obligations.

The following are some of the civil trial errors that could lead to a legal malpractice claim:

  • Missed deadlines or statutes of limitation
  • Inadequate preparation for trial
  • Failure to make the proper objections
  • Failure to present key evidence, presentation of irrelevant evidence, or withholding evidence
  • Failure to list key witnesses or make appropriate disclosures to other parties
  • Failures of communication with the client, such as failure to inform the client of settlement offers or failure to present the client with all of his or her legal options

At the Law Offices of Sherwood Allen Salvan, we provide seasoned representation when your rights have been denied due to legal negligence. Time is of the essence if you wish to file a claim, however. If you miss a filing deadline, you could be barred from bringing your claim at all.

Contact us today to consult with an accomplished attorney who can determine if you have a strong case and help you pursue all of your options for relief.

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