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Attorney Negligence - New York City

Legal malpractice is a civil action available to clients who have suffered financial harm or loss of rights due to the neglect by their attorney and/or law firm. At the Law Offices of Sherwood Allen Salvan, we have more than 40 years of experience protecting the rights and interests of our clients in legal malpractice cases. We can provide you with seasoned advocacy and strategy, and have the unique experience of both prosecuting legal malpractice claims as well as having defended such claims.

A lawyer's malpractice can lead to devastating financial losses and the loss of your legal rights. If you have suffered as a result of attorney negligence in New York City, contact an experienced legal malpractice attorney.

Asserting your rights in this "case within a case"

Legal malpractice cases essentially involve two cases: the claim depends upon the issues underlying the original case as well as the question of whether legal misconduct or negligence affected the outcome of that case. Proving legal malpractice can be difficult. To succeed in a legal malpractice claim, the plaintiff must prove that the original case would have been decided in his or her favor if it had not been for the actions of the attorney. Being unsatisfied with the case's outcome is not enough to prove legal malpractice.

In assessing the merits of a case against an attorney, we will determine whether a mistake occurred that caused you to lose your case. We are the last resort after your initial case was lost. We are experienced in collecting the necessary evidence to support your claim and in handling the appeals process where necessary.

Examples of legal malpractice

We handle attorney negligence cases involving, but not limited to:

  • Failure to file a timely case/violation of a statute of limitations
  • Failure to file materials by a deadline
  • Violations of trial procedure
  • Failure to investigate and discovery errors
  • Trial errors, including failure to raise issues, forgetting to present evidence or withholding evidence, failure to raise proper objections, and others

Our intention is to provide you with a concerned and deliberate view of the facts. Attorney Sherwood Allen Salvan and our legal team will provide an honest evaluation of your case so that you can determine whether pursuing a legal negligence action is your best option to protect your rights.

To learn more about legal malpractice, please see our frequently asked questions about legal malpractice.

Time is of the essence if you wish to file a legal malpractice claim. If you miss a filing deadline, you could be barred from bringing your claim at all. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Defending attorneys' rights at disciplinary proceedings

Legal malpractice can result in the loss of your license, loss of your job and — if the allegations are severe — loss of your career. If you have been accused of legal malpractice and are facing disciplinary action, take action immediately to consult with an experienced legal misconduct/malpractice lawyer in New York, NY.

In addition to any civil claim, you will most likely face disciplinary proceedings that require a strategic defense. At the Law Offices of Sherwood Allen Salvan, we offer more than 40 years of experience in defending the interests of New York City attorneys who have been accused of attorney negligence or legal malpractice. With significant experience in this field, Mr. Salvan can provide the aggressive representation and strategy you need to protect your rights.

Legal Misconduct/Malpractice Attorney in New York, NY

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