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New York City Statutes of Limitation Lawyer

Legal Malpractice Attorney in New York

It is up to the lawyer to stay abreast of any court rules, deadlines and statute of limitations, so when the time limitations within which to act has passed as a result of an attorney's negligence, a client may recover the damages suffered if they were proximately caused by such neglect. When this happens, the client who suffered may have a legal malpractice claim, and this is when the Law Offices of Sherwood Allen Salvan can help.

Common situations where deadlines and statutes of limitation are missed.

Attorney Sherwood Allen Salvan has decades of experience in handling cases against attorneys accused of negligence and incompetence. He has the experience to gather the necessary information to support your claim against your previous attorney.

When your lawyer makes the fundamental error of missing a statute of limitations, it takes away any chance you had to seek legal relief in that case. Missing some other filing deadlines, such as a court-ordered deadline to submit evidence to be used at trial, may result in vital evidence being excluded or your case even being dismissed. Contact us today to consult with an attorney with decades of experience handling legal negligence cases.

In many cases, an attorney's failure to meet a deadline is not total, but relates to a particular issue or party:

  • Failure to name all defendants: If your attorney failed to perform a proper investigation, he or she may not have discovered all potentially liable parties. Although the lawsuit itself was filed within the statute of limitations, any defendants your attorney failed to include by that deadline could be immune from any further claims.
  • Failure of service: It is also common for all defendants to be properly named in the lawsuit but improperly served. If your attorney filed a lawsuit immediately before the statute of limitations expired, any irregularities in service could be fatal to your claim against any defendants who were not served before the deadline.

We all understand deadlines. Failure to meet legal deadlines or statutes of limitation is a form of legal incompetence that is surprisingly common — and causes significant harm to clients. If you have lost your rights or been harmed by an attorney's malpractice, you have the right to seek redress.

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New York City Statutes of Limitations Attorney

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