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New York City Statute of Limitations Attorney

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A statute of limitations is the legal deadline by which a legal action must be filed with the courts or be forever barred. And - "but for" the failure of your attorney to timely proceed with the prosecution of your case you would have prevailed, then you may have the requisite combination of events to successfully prosecute a claim for legal malpractice.

There are many deadlines to be met in legal practice. Some are required by law, while others are based on the rules of civil procedure or local court practice. Some are based on contract requirements. Whenever an attorney misses a deadline and it results in loss of a claim, a loss of rights, or economic harm to a client, that attorney should be held to account for his or her legal negligence, and the client should be compensated for the losses they were caused to suffer.

Missing a Deadline or Statute of Limitations Could Be Legal Malpractice

At the Law Offices of Sherwood Allen Salvan, attorney Sherwood Allen Salvan has been protecting the rights and interests of clients in legal malpractice cases for more than 40 years. If your attorney missed a deadline or statute of limitations — or if you are accused of legal malpractice, we can provide you with experienced, seasoned advocacy and strategy. Contact us to discuss your claim.

Statute of Limitations on Missing the Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations for legal malpractice in New York is three years from the time of the negligent occurrence but computation of the three year time window will be extended to three years from the last day when that lawyer actually provided legal services to the client on that specific issue for the client.

For more information, please see our missed deadlines page or frequently asked questions about legal malpractice.

New York City Statute of Limitations Lawyer

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